Perforēti akustiskie paneļi Riga HPL
Ādažu militārās bāzes komplekss. Perforēti akustiskie paneļi./

Perforation with a distance :

Perforation diameter:

16 mm

32 mm

5 mm

8 mm

10 mm

12 mm

Perforēti akustiskie paneļi
Bērza saplākšņa akustisakie paneļi perforēti.

Basic material

Riga Decor

Riga HPL

Riga Lacquer

Riga Ply

Acoustic panel construction

Perforētu paneļu rasējums.
Perforētu paneļu rasējums
A     Plywood
B     Nonwoven fabric
C     Mineral wool
D     Air Gap
PD   Perforation diameter
PS   Perforation step

Thickness: 9, 12, 15 or 18 mm
Density: 60 kg/m3
Density: 80 kg/m3

5 – 12 mm
16 or 32 mm

Perforēts akustiskais panelis

Testing report

The measurements of the plywood panel sound absorption coefficient are made in cooperation with acoustics laboratory
«R&D akustika» according to EN ISO 11654.
The following test results are for unvarnished panels.

Methods of installation

Akustiskie paneļi sporta zālēm

The selection of assembly type depends on the particular project, premises and design.


Varnished and processed plywood is a natural wood product, therefore it needs more attention than other surfaces. Correct care for plywood will extend the quality of visual appearance and service life.
Use agents fro veneered surfaces for cleaning.

The required quantity of panels in the premises

To obtain appropriate acoustic comfort, at least 30% of the finishing of the premises must consist of sound muffling materials. Consult acoustic specialists regarding the quantity of panels and their placement in the premises.