SIA TROJA birojs
SIA TROJA birojs

Basic material

Riga Decor

Riga HPL

Riga Lacquer

Riga Ply


A     Plywood
B     Nonwoven fabric
C     Mineral wool
D     Air Gap
PD   Perforation diameter
PS   Perforation step

Thickness: 9, 12, 15 or 18 mm
Density: 60 g/m3
Density: 80 g/m3


5 – 12 mm
16 or 32 mm

Methods of installation

SIA TROJA birojs

The selection of assembly type depends on the particular project, premises and design.


Varnished and processed plywood is a natural wood product, therefore it needs more attention than other surfaces. Correct care for plywood will extend the quality of visual appearance and service life.